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Please consult on the following situation. Almost a month ago, after relocating from Donbass, I suddenly had a sympathic adrenal crisis, very long and scaring. There was no doctor nearby and I thought I was dying. Later at night the neuropathologist arrived and gave me gidazepam, valokord, and nebilet. I took them for 5 days and slept all the time. I felt a bit better, yet in 2 days the situation repeated. I was placed to the neurology department and made all the required analyses, but their results were normal. Thus, my doctors concluded I had deep psychoneurosis with panic attacks. Already for a week, I cannot eat anything. I am constantly feeling sick. I lost 5 kg. I am currently taking phenibut (3 times a day) and gidazepam (before going to bed). Every single day I have panic attacks once I go somewhere. I feel better only when at home with my mom nearby and with gidazepam at hand. I am 32 years old, I have a 4 year-old child. At times, I feel as if I am going crazy. How can I continue living feeling like this?! Please let me know if I can do something about this state. I am writing to you in such a despair that my hands are shaking. Can you bring me back to normal life? Please do! Tetiana.

Dear Tetiana! Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy is quite effective in treating panic attacks. According to the current protocols, it is a good starting point. As for your situation, we need to investigate it further. Please come to our Center for a consultation, together we can develop a plan for your recovery.

With best regards, Andriy Karachevskyi.