About Center

Center for Mental Health and Traumatherapy “Integration” was opened thanks to financial support from the European Union as a part of the project “Psychological Seeds of the World: Rehabilitation after Trauma and Civil Activism in Ukraine” implemented by the International Alert organization (UK) in partnership with GIP-Tbilisi and the Institute for Mental Health of the Ukrainian Catholic University from September 2016.

Center “Integration” provides psychotherapeutic support to children and adults who experienced traumatic events.

The Center’s psychotherapists received education in cognitive behavioral therapy according to the accreditation standards of the European Association for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and are experienced in helping those who lost their mental balance and ability to work and have difficulties integrating back into society upon return from the combat zone in the East of Ukraine.

The Center is different by the fact that we provide long-term psychotherapeutic support to people with severe disorders (for example, with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression simultaneously), including those suffering from alcohol abuse.




Support free of charge for victims

of military conflict in Ukraine

  • Demobilized people and their family members
  • Forced migrants/Internally displaced people

The Center provides support to

  • Integrate back into normal life upon demobilization
  • Recover from traumatic events and overcome the symptoms of post-traumatic disorder
  • Solve the problem of alcohol abuse and/or drug addiction
  • Help people to improve their self-regulation and coping mechanisms

Support for adults

  • Confidential diagnostics of your state
  • Individual consultations with a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist
  • Support groups
  • Informational events: lectures, seminars, focus groups, conferences

Support for children, adolescents, and their families

  • Individual consultations and therapy for children and adolescents
  • Consultations jointly with parents
  • Psychological diagnostics for children
  • Assistance while adapting to school
  • Developing skills to resolve complicated family situations